April 26, 2011

[INFO] B2M Notice: Guest appearance on "Running Man"

I really admire how much Young Saeng dedicate himself on his work. Wearing a caster didn't hinder him to continue his activities. I totally loved this man!! Young Saeng Fighting!


4월 25일 SBS 런닝맨에 영생군이 특별 게스트로 출연 해
촬영이 있었습니다.

실내 촬영이였고, 영생군은 움직임이 많지 않은 선에서

깁스하고 휴식 중에 무리한 촬영이지 않았을까
걱정하실 것 같아 공지합니다.

본방사수!! 방송으로 확인해 주세요.

깜짝사진 보여드립니다.
깁스하고 있는 모습 마음 아프실테지만 곧 깁스도 풀거예요.

(Unofficial Translation)

This is B2M Entertainment

Heo Young Saeng conduct a special guest appearance for SBS Running Man last April 25.
It was an indoor filming so Young Saeng wouldn't make a lot of movement
We post this news because we know that you were all worried by him doing the filming with the cast still on
Please watch the broadcast!
Surprise pictures will be shown soon
Even though we feel sorry for him for wearing a cast, that cast will be removed soon.

Translated by @nejeelicious at youngsaengfacts.blogspot.com

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