April 26, 2011

[INFO] Heo Young Saeng April & May Schedules

 Wow! Young Saeng is really something!! Wearing a cast doesn't hinder him to continue his schedule (just like Hyun Joong during "Deja Vu" promotions). It is indeed that SS501 can keep their promises. So when they promise that they will come back and perform as 5 again, they will definitely keep it. >_<
Heo Young Saeng's April and May Official Schedule
110430 - KBS "Happy Together 3" [Recording]
110504 - SBS "Fun Quiz Club" [Recording]
110508 - SBS "Running Man"  [Broadcast]

Source: Heo Young Saeng Official Website
Image edited by: @nejeelicious at youngsaengfacts.blogspot.com

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