April 20, 2011

[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng's comeback will be delayed

SS501 Heo Youngsaeng is scheduled to release his solo album in April 28th. However, due to a recent injury, his solo debut will most likely be delayed.

On April 19th, Heo Youngsaeng was in the middle of rehearsing the choreography for his title track when he injured his hand. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for his injury.

Preliminary diagnosis show that he has torn a ligament tear and fractured his hand, and they are still awaiting more detailed results. His schedule and album release schedule will be re-planned accordingly.

Heo Youngsaeng is expected to be discharged from the hospital the same time his album is scheduled to be released. The singer expressed his sadness that he could not live up to his promise with fans and that his solo debut would be later than expected.

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