April 22, 2011

[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng discharged from the hospital last April 21

SS501's main vocalist Heo Young Saeng was hospitalized due to hand injuries. His solo album and future activities was expected to be delayed by 2 weeks.

On April 19th, Heo Young Saeng was in the middle of rehearsing the choreography for his title track when he injured his hand. He was immediately rushed to the hospital nearby to cure his injury. After diagnosis, it was known that the fracture of the back of his hands and tore ligaments will take about 4 to 5 weeks to recover. His upcoming album and future activities need to be postponed

Regarding about Heo Young Saeng's condition, Morning of  21st of April, SSTV said " Due to Heo Young Saeng strong commitment, he wants to pursue his scheduled activities and keep his promise even if he hasn't fully recovered from his injuries." . A  representative from B2M stated  "We were in the midst of discussion with the hospital representative so they could discharge him"

"Even though the hospital hasn't give its reply, his future scheduled activities will be postponed approximately for 2 weeks. We will discuss a draft plan for his future activities tonight" B2M representative added.

Furthermore, SS501's lead vocal Heo Young Saeng moved to B2M Entertainment after the expiration of his contract to his previous agency, and now preparing to release his solo album.

source: SSTV (korean website)
translation: @nejeelicious


  1. aigooo..oppa..get well soon

    i'll be patiently waiting your album

    saranghae Otter!!!!

  2. get weLL soOn OppA.... i don't care if your album will be postpone this may, or next year.. i don't care.. just to make sure your perfectly fine,, everything is fine with me already.. ^_^