April 14, 2011

[PHOTO] Young Saeng Visit B2M Office

 B2M released another picture of Young Saeng visiting the B2M Office.

@b2ment: 늦은시간에 사무실 방문한 영생군입니다. 흐뭇하게 컴퓨터를 바라보는 모습을 도촬했습니다 ㅎㅎ. 오늘 특별히 허요미 5종세트 방출합니다. 오늘도 안무연습은 쉬지않습니다 ㅎㅎ
[Translation]: This is YoungSaeng who visited the office this late. Secretly shot him looking at the computer pleasantly heehee. We specially release Cutie-Heo 5 photo set today. Today's dance practice isn't easy at all heehee.

Image Credit: @b2ment
Translation: xiaochu @ Quantei501.com

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