April 4, 2011

[PHOTO] Young Saeng's album jacket teaser

B2M released another teaser picture of Young Saeng while doing the photo shoot for the album jacket to stimulate the anticipation of the fans for his upcoming album. ^^,

[Translation] Additional (album) jacket shoots~~~~nervous heehee. Can't see well because they are too far away T T. It is a secret for security reasons. It will be released very soon. Please look forward to it yfrog.com/gyx5cqkj

[Translation] This is YoungSaeng's filming scene sketch. We will keep it mysterious until its first broadcast heehee Will be able to meet you very soon now!!!!!!! yfrog.com/gyr9hmmj

Young Saeng's manager, Mr Jeon also tweet something about Young Saeng's album jacket photo shoot.

[Translation] Young Saeng's additional (album) jacket shoots were uploaded at our company's twitter~~~~ People were.... asking questions and asking why there is additional shoots...tsk tsk I had already uploaded the photos and the concept of this album over in YoungSaeng's homepage heehee Please join. Faster!!!!!!!!!!

Image credit: @b2ment
Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501

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