April 30, 2011

[PHOTOS + FANCAM] Heo Young Saeng on Happy Together 3 recording

Do you see how professional Heo Young Saeng was?? He shows up on the recording of "Running Man" 4 days after he got discharged from the hospital and still wearing a cast on his right arm; Then he shows up again on the "Happy Together 3" recording even if it's raining.. This guy is UNBELIEVABLE!! He will still pursue his schedule despite of pouring rain and a cast on his hand. A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE to HEO YOUNG SAENG!!!!! ^^,

(on his way to Happy Together 3 recording)

(After the recording)

Images by: @banhada +  @rmdkdl + @yangyang0402 + @Madeleine_hys (original image HERE) + edited by @nejeelicious 
Video: @banhada

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