January 26, 2012

[TRANS] 120125 Heo Young Saeng - Official Site Update (Staff Report)

Hello everyone. This is Y.E.S Staff.
Happy New Year with lots of blessings ~

We have sent out all the Y.E.S membership cards and season greetings (New Year card) after the first month.
Have received lots of emails. Next week will announced the contents regarding some of the emails received.

Below we wanna announce Young Saeng new year news.

What kind of image will Singer Heo Young Saeng appear on stage, looking forward by many, has been thinking about this issue.
Heo Young Saeng puts in a lot of time and effort preparing for his new album.
At the same time, thru end Feb he will be challenging in his 1st comedy drama "Must Be Fairy" which will be broadcast on KBS TV. 

Everyone will be able to see Heo Young Saeng daily thru your TV screen.
Making everyone waiting for so long, is to show better image, the staff including Young Saeng is working hard preparing.

Heo Young Saeng who always surprising and moving us, everyone please look forward and give your utmost warmth support, at the same time give him lots of aid when you see him on your TV screen.

Thank you.


Credits:  www.young-saeng.com + Baidu HYS Bar (Chinese translation) + cllslam10.blogspot.com (English translation)

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