February 23, 2013

[STAFF REPORT] 130222 Heo Young Saeng at Summer Snow press conference

Hello, everybody, here is the FC staff.

Yesterday in Tokyo, The press conference of "Summer Snow" musical, whom Young Saeng will be act, held in Tokyo. This musical is a TV adaptation of a love story starring Tsuyoshi Domoto and Ryoko Hirosue. Young Saeng will act as a young doctor who has one sided love to one of his patient (the female main cast). There was 6 Hallyu stars including Young Saeng appeared together in press conference. 

The press conference start on time. Actors came to stage. The third turn was our Young Saeng. First of all, the actors greeted the audiences in Japanese. YS was restless and fidgety. He said in a low voice to an interpreter anxiously.
"Why all they speak in Japanese?" "Is it bad if I don't speak Japanese?" He said that " I'll do in Korean" at first when his turn comes.

Q: You usually active as a singer, then in the musical, what look do you want to show us? 
YS: First of all, really want to act. SungJae is repairing a car, I save people. *i dont get this part... maybe the main cast is the owner of bike shop and he's a doctor* Audience laughed ... I want to focus as much as possible...
Because my role is the one sided love to heroine, is poor when viewed from one aspect, but I work hard anyway.

Q: Impression of the script? 
YS: First of all, I havent watch the drama ... finished the download, but havent watch. But this time, it really interesting. From the title is very special! My role is as one sided lover. I was disappointed. Because, I thought that I am not able to love in reality and also even in the stage. But, I will do my best. And even though unrequited love, I want to love her (on the stage). I'm in love.

Q: What do you want to say the Japanese fans? 
YS: This is my first musical performance in Japan. It will in Korean language. So please learn Korean and come back to watch it. 

Finally, six actors accepted to take photographs. They interviewed by media in separate rooms. Even he didn't sleep well, he answered every question honestly. He said with enthusiasm, "I want to play as looks cool by anyone.
And I'd like you to think that "I want to be loved by this man".
 FC Staff wants to go to see his performance. we must look forward to the premiere of his musical in Japan.

PS: During the interview, we conveyed FC members confession of love messages. His expression has been also recorded by camera! We'll report later. So stay tuned! 

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Credit: youngsaeng japan site + [chinese trans] young saeng baidu bar + [english trans] youngsaengfacts

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